Our Staff

We believe that the teacher is the single most important factor affecting student learning in the classroom. Other factors —resources, facilities, curriculum — are important, but ultimately, it is the teacher who connects with the students and engages them in learning.

At Cedar International School, we have excellent teachers. Hailing from 11 different countries, they are a vibrant mix of seasoned veterans and energetic young teachers. Over 70% hold Master’s or other advanced degrees, including two doctorates. Six are IB Examiners. Three are site evaluators for the IB or Council of International Schools. When such skilled and passionate teachers are combined with quality resources, the latest technology, an expanding facility, and an internationally-recognized curriculum, it creates a recipe for success.

Indeed, it creates the very atmosphere we enjoy at Cedar, where students and teachers support and challenge one another, learn, laugh and grow together while pursuing excellence.

Administrative Staff


  • Scott Crawford, Director, USA
  • Zach Pascoe, Head of Secondary, USA / BVI
  • Gemma Restell, Head of Primary, UK
  • Jane Fraser, DP Coordinator, UK
  • Sarah Dixon, MYP Coordinator, USA
  • Lesley Bayles, PYP Coordinator, UK
  • Victoria Ghiorse, Solution Studio Coordinator, UK
  • Vijay Chitnis, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Development (Consultant), USA
  • Justin Moul, Director of Marketing and Communications (Consultant), UK
  • Verney O’Neal, HR/Admissions Administrator, Guyana / BVI
  • Peter Vanzoost, Senior Management Accountant, Canada
  • Deon Morgan, Management Accountant, Jamaica
  • Chris Ghiorse, Facilities Manager, USA
  • Vanessa Simon, Front Office Manager / Chief Health Officer, Guyana
  • Sonja Williams, IT Support Coordinator, Guyana
  • Julia Maduro, Cedar Connect Coordinator, BVI
  • Norma Pierre-Louis, After School Clubs and Summer Camp Coordinator, Dominica
  • John Reilly, Athletics Director, Ireland
  • Steve Butcher, Music Director, UK


Teaching Faculty - Primary


  • Jennie Jermyn, Pre-K 3, UK / BVI
  • Michelle Lilleyman, Pre-K 4, UK
  • Katelyn Woodman, Kindergarten, Canada
  • Annie Rosenberg, Kindergarten, USA
  • Lesley Bayles, Grade 1, UK
  • Ashley Bailey, Grade 2, USA
  • Alicia Dean, Grade 3 and Primary Music, Canada
  • Kimberly Murphy, Grade 4, USA
  • Anna Kinkead, Grade 5, UK / BVI
  • Janita Sullivan, Math and UOI for Grade 1 and 3, Canada
  • Andrea Ferrer, Spanish and Art, Spain
  • Norma Pierre-Louis, Librarian and Primary IT, Dominica
  • Brendon Carey, Primary PE / Athletic Officer, New Zealand
Teaching Faculty - Secondary


  • Susan Weaver, Humanities, USA
  • Derek Matthews, Humanities, UK
  • Enrica Rymer, English, BVI
  • Jethro Armstrong, English, UK
  • Matthew Tupper, Drama, USA
  • Eileen Mallof, Science, USA
  • Jane Fraser, Science, UK
  • Zach Pascoe, Science, USA
  • Sarah Dixon, Science, USA
  • Paulo Gabane, Science and Math, Philippines
  • David Ogaro, Math, Kenya
  • Anil Kumar, Math, India
  • Monika Riegels, Math, USA
  • Jinson Joseph, Art, India
  • Zorelinda Marquez, Spanish, Peru
  • Maritza Sanchez, Spanish, USA / Mexico
  • Thibaud Guenegou, IT and Design / Personal Project and Extended Essay Coordinator, France
  • John Reilly, PE, Ireland
  • Steve Butcher, Music, UK
  • Roshan Gujar, University Advisor, Community Service and Student Life Coordinator, USA


Student Support Services


  • Joey Wilson, Counselor, USA
  • Sharon Rameshar, Primary Support, Guyana
  • Malen Semira, Secondary Support, Philippines
  • Marian Cazabon-Blok, Bilingual and Multilingual Learning Coordinator, Trinidad and Tobago / BVI


Educational Assistants
  • Susan John, St. Vincent / BVI
  • Celeste Merritt,  Trinidad and Tobago
  • Majel Talbot, USA
  • Sudesh Yadav, India
  • Sarah Carroll, UK
  • Richie Paul, Dominica
  • Tonya Allister, BVI
  • Poppy Pearey, Teacher Training Intern, UK


Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Jeffrey Antoine (Hanes), Caretaker, St. Vincent.
  • Irena Davis, Daytime Cleaner, St. Kitts / BVI
  • Anesta Sam, Evening Cleaner, BVI.
  • Ethel Richards, Evening Cleaner, Jamaica.
  • Lucinda Tom, Evening Cleaner, BVI.


Upcoming Events

  1. School Holidays

    April 6 - April 17
  2. SAT testing on campus

    May 2
  3. Whit Monday

    June 1

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