Guiding Statements



Mission Statement

The mission of Cedar International School, a non-profit private school, is to provide all students we serve the opportunity to achieve their academic best with an international curriculum within a culturally diverse environment; to encourage leadership, character, and creativity; to foster a culture of international mindedness and community service; and to nurture inquiring minds and caring personalities in all students.

Vision Statement

Preparing global citizens for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Definition of International Mindedness

An internationally minded person is curious, observant, self-aware and values diversity. With an open-mind, they seek out opportunities and actively collaborate to bridge cultural barriers. In the midst of perceived differences, the internationally minded person adopts an attitude of consideration, respect, compassion, and sensitivity for the beliefs and cultures of others, while remaining committed to the objective of creating a more sustainable society for all people.



Upcoming Events

  1. DP Exams

    May 7 - May 23
  2. MYP eAssessments

    May 13 - May 24
  3. Experiential Education Week

    May 27 - May 31

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