Students from Francis Lettsome Primary School have participated in a four week science programme at Cedar International School. The programme, ‘Harneys Science Saturdays’ concluded today, Saturday 14th May 2016.

During the programme, a collaborative initiative between Harneys, Cedar and FLPS, students looked at the universe through the perspective of the ‘powers of 10’, tried to figure out what stars are made of, looked through microscopes, identified a wide range of rocks, minerals, and samples from the animal kingdom, tried their hand at dendrochronology (tree ring dating), explored marine biology, ocean ecology, environmental disturbance, and even found time to make rubber band powered cars!

The participating students, aged 8 through 11, were selected to participate in the programme following their performance at the 2nd Annual FLPS Science fair. The programme was taught by three of Cedar’s Science teachers; Zach Pascoe, Nick Frazee, and Mickey Ennis. The teachers were capably assisted by Cedar student Faith Amory (Grade 10), who volunteered to attended every Saturday for the duration of the programme.

Mr Pascoe commented: “It was a very inspiring experience. The students from Francis Lettsome were super keen, exceptionally well behaved and gracious. At the end one of the older male students said that he ’could actually say that he had a good time’ – a big accolade from an adolescent. It was very special for me and I hope that this is the beginning of a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with FLPS.”

The initiative provides an opportunity for Cedar to deepen links and share skills, facilities and knowledge with the wider community, and to encourage an interest and passion for science. The four weekly sessions each tackled a different scientific theme, and gave students fun and inspiring hands on exposure to science in a different learning environment.

Deborah James, Principal of FLPS, commented: “The students were absolutely thrilled and thoroughly engaged with the experiments conducted. We are thankful for this partnership which allows our keen science students the ability to utilize the science lab and equipment at Cedar International School. These resources are not generally available at FLPS and this experience would not have been possible without the continued support of Harneys.”

Scott Crawford, Director of Cedar, commented: “The students were an absolute delight: well-behaved, eager to learn, asking great questions, and participating enthusiastically until the end. They were so engaged in the wonderful lessons, they were disappointed when it was time to go home! Many thanks to Harneys for sponsoring this partnership, which has brought our schools together. It’s safe to say that the first series of Harneys Science Saturdays at Cedar was a great success!”

Harneys Science Saturdays offers FLPS students who show great promise in the area of science a chance to challenge and accelerate their learning through engaging activities. Harneys’ association with FLPS began in 2004 and this initiative builds on the science objectives included within the Harneys/ FLPS 5 year plan (2013).

Sheila George, Managing Partner of Harneys BVI, commented: “Harneys is delighted to be involved in offering these gifted FLPS students an opportunity to excel in a subject area of their particular interest, science. We see this as a model for partnership between schools, for the benefit of our territory’s students, which seeks to fully and creatively utilise the resources available here to improve the educational experience for all.”

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