Access and Inclusion Policy

Purpose of this Policy

The purpose of this policy is to support the practice of access and inclusion at Cedar International School. “Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers.” (Learning diversity and inclusion in IB programmes, 2016) This policy follows the whole-school approach to inclusion, recognising it is the shared responsibility of both educators and parents/guardians to ensure that all students are provided with equal access to a rigorous academic programme that meets individual needs.


At Cedar International School, we aspire to holistically serve all students based on their specific learning needs, incorporating culturally relevant pedagogy throughout. We support students in fulfilling their academic potential whilst safeguarding and promoting social and emotional wellbeing. Our diverse and balanced curriculum is designed to promote students’ understanding of diversity in our local and global societies.

Cedar is committed to serving every student and supporting their success. Teachers are expected to provide a differentiated, inclusive curriculum that allows all students to access the learning in each and every classroom. The class/subject teacher remains responsible for their students’ progress. Therefore every teacher is an additional needs and language teacher. To facilitate inclusion and differentiation, the Solution Studio team collaborates with teachers, students and parents to offer a line of support for individuals who need a curriculum which is additional to, or otherwise different from the educational provision made for students of the same age, beyond the boundaries of expected levels of differentiation. This may include students with physical, academic, learning, social and/or emotional needs. Cedar recognises that all stakeholders, including the parents/guardians need to work in partnership to ensure student success.

Cedar acknowledges the uniqueness of individuals and learners and therefore ensures through the Admissions Policy that we have the resources available to meet the student needs prior to enrolment. For further information on the admission of students with additional needs please see the schools Admission Policy.

Cedar International School understands its responsibility to the UN Convention of the Right of the Child, and we act in accordance with the VI Education Act 2004 and the IB Rules Regarding Inclusion. We are guided by IB’s commitment to “being fully focused on the needs of our staff, IB World Schools and their educators and students, as we challenge ourselves to become a more diverse, open, inclusive, and accepting organization, standing against racism, prejudice, discrimination and marginalization wherever we can.”

 Download the full policy document here.

Reviewed November 2022