Guiding Statements


Mission Statement

Cedar International School is committed to high quality international teaching and learning, diversity, inclusivity, community and well-being, believing that in embracing these values we are nurturing global citizens ready to positively impact society.​

Vision Statement

Preparing global citizens for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Definition of Global Citizenship

A global citizen is curious, observant, self-aware and values diversity. With an open-mind, they seek out opportunities and actively collaborate to bridge cultural barriers. In the midst of perceived differences, the global citizen adopts an attitude of consideration, respect, compassion, and sensitivity for the beliefs and cultures of others, while remaining committed to the objective of creating a more sustainable society for all people.

Shared Understanding of HIgh Quality Teaching and Learning

At Cedar, we believe high quality teaching and learning should be:

C – Collaborative
E – Engaging
D – Diverse
A – Authentic
R – Resilient

I – Inquiry-based
S – Student-centered

Collaborative – captures the sense of working together in a learning community, from the importance of integrated planning at the teacher level to the collaborative nature of student learning exhibited by group work and projects to the importance of building a strong family-school partnership.

Engaging – captures the importance of having lessons that are engaging for students (high interest, dynamically delivered) but also the importance of engaging with the wider community to augment learning.

Diverse – captures the importance of differentiation to reach the diverse learners in our classroom as well as the importance of approaching topics in an inclusive way that respects and capitalizes on the diversity of our school community.

Authentic – captures the importance of bringing relevance into the skills and topics we are tackling in the classroom and the importance of assessing students in a way that allows them to authentically demonstrate their learning.

Resilient – captures our commitment to be resilient as an institution (adapting to changing circumstances to ensure a positive learning environment) while also building resilience in our students as they navigate new challenges and uncertainty.

Inquiry-based – captures the basic premise of inquiry-based learning that underpins an IB education and capitalizes on the natural curiosity and interests of our learners.

Student-centered – captures the promotion of student agency and the idea that our students and their positive development should be at the core of everything we do.


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Upcoming Events

  1. Grade 5 End of Year Ceremony

    June 28 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
  2. Last Day of Work for Teachers

    June 29

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