The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) at Cedar International School

At a time when adolescents are establishing their identity and building their self-esteem, the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) offers a framework that academically motivates and helps them to achieve success in school and in life beyond the classroom. In addition, at Cedar International School, the MYP focus is to facilitate and support our students to become active learners and internationally minded young adults who are able to empathize with others and have the intellect and skills to pursue lives of purpose and meaning. To this end, the MYP offers students genuine opportunities to:

  • develop their potential
  • explore their own learning preferences
  • take appropriate risks
  • reflect on, and develop, a strong sense of personal identity.
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The MYP is comprised of eight subject groups, which provide early adolescents a broad and balanced education. Because students learn best when their learning experiences have context and are connected to their lives and their own experience, MYP Units of Study are rooted in a “Global Context”. Using various global contexts, MYP students develop an understanding of their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet through developmentally appropriate explorations of:

  • identities and relationships
  • personal and cultural identity
  • orientations in space and time
  • scientific and technical innovation
  • fairness and development
  • globalization and sustainability

Cedar International School offers the MYP as a five-year programme for students in grades 6-10 (MYP 1-5). In the final year of the programme (MYP 5/grade 10), students sit MYP eAssessment examinations, which provides them with IB-validated grades via IB Course Results and the IB MYP Certificate. As a component of eAssessments, each student in MYP 5 completes the Personal Project. The Personal Project is a significant body of work produced by individual students, and is a product of their own initiative. This project provides an excellent opportunity for students to investigate an area of personal interest, and produce a truly creative piece of work. Through this, students are able to demonstrate the skills, understandings and passions they have developed over the course of their Middle Years Programme at Cedar International School.


Offering the MYP eAssessment signals Cedar’s leadership in a global community of schools that have embraced an innovative, rigorous and globally consistent assessment model in the MYP. MYP eAssessments are recognized by England’s government regulator Ofqual, assuring schools, parents and students that MYP assessments meet strict quality standards.


Video: eAssessment: IB Middle Years Programme

We encourage you explore the benefits of an MYP education at Cedar International School and welcome queries about any of our programmes.

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