Whether students stay all the way through graduation and matriculate directly to university or transfer to other institutions during their school years, Cedar International School prepares students well for next steps. With former Cedar students studying at universities like St. Andrews, UC-Berkeley, Boston College, and Emory, and at British prep schools like Cheltenham Ladies’, parents can have confidence in the preparation their children receive at Cedar.


“My son studied at Cedar for several years until I was posted abroad.  Although there is a popular perception that education in the BVI is somehow of a lower standard than in the UK, that isn’t borne out by my experiences. Thomas was a perfectly able student at Cedar, but I don’t think he would have been described as an academic high flyer in his class.  But when he went back into the British system, he was clearly ahead of most of his peers in most of the traditional subjects – particularly maths, English and the sciences – and that gave him a lot of confidence which helped him catch up in “new” subjects for him, like Latin and French, that he previously had never studied.  He went on to win an academic scholarship to Oundle (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oundle_School), as well as winning various academic prizes at his English prep school.  I don’t want to diminish the efforts of the teachers at his English prep school, but for me it clearly underscored the solid educational foundation that he had received at Cedar.”
– Colin Riegels, former Cedar parent

“Both [my husband] and I sing [Cedar’s] praises to everybody and are happy to say that the IB system was so much more interesting and effective for our girls than the system they’re currently in. The girls say it too and remember very well how much they got out of researching and presenting projects, which is rarely done at their school here. And it goes without saying that the very enthusiastic and encouraging staff were hugely influential too.”
– Former Cedar parent now residing in the UK

“The IB Diploma Programme at Cedar was certainly a lot of work, but the rewards were immense. It prepared me for the challenges of my freshman year at Emory University, resulting in a successful and enjoyable first year.”
– Member of Cedar’s Class of 2014, currently studying at Emory University in the US

“The IB Diploma Programme at Cedar was one of the best educational programmes. It pushed me to analyze and critically think in ways that I may not otherwise have come to appreciate.”
– Member of Cedar’s Class of 2010, currently studying at University California, Berkeley in the US

“I feel I have grown in so many ways, not only academically, but personally as well. The IB Diploma Programme pushed me to do better than I ever thought I could have done, raised my self-confidence, showed me the importance of perseverance, and in turn taught me that I have the capacity for success.”
– Member of Cedar’s Class of 2013, currently studying at University of Western Ontario in Canada

“Just an update, everything is going well at Uni. Work is amazingly easy. I have so much time on my hands, and the lectures are all covering everything that we have covered. Even TOK, which falls under the lecture title, foundations of knowledge.”
– Member of Cedar’s Class of 2013, currently studying at University of Leicester in the UK


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