For the first time Cedar International School and St. George’s Secondary School have jointly hosted a fundraising gala. Named the ‘Scholarship Gala’, the event was conceived to raise funds for a common mission of both schools: to increase access to quality education, regardless of the ability to pay tuition.

Both Cedar and St. George’s grant either financial aid or scholarships to some 25% of their students providing educational opportunity which would otherwise be out of reach, at the same time enriching the school’s classrooms with diversity and talent to the benefit of all students. However, both schools want to do much more in the future and have embarked on a collaborative approach to bring their message and cause to a wider audience.

The gala event took place on Saturday 18 June at Peter Island Resort, and was attended by approximately 120 guests including His Excellency the Governor, John Duncan, OBE and Mrs. Duncan, the Hon. Premier Orlando Smith, as well as numerous dignitaries, representatives of sponsoring companies, philanthropists and well wishers. It received wide support from the BVI community and successfully raised significant funds which will be equally shared between the schools.

The Gala was the culmination of a week long collaboration between Cedar and St. George’s which involved joint writing workshops for both students and faculty by visiting professor Doug Brown, former Director of Brown University’s Writing Center.

Gerard Farara, QC and Mark Forte, both Chairs of the Board of Trustees of their respective schools, jointly stated “This is the beginning of what we expect to be a strengthened collaboration between these two private schools in the areas of education, scholarships, training and fundraising. It is intended to make the Gala and workshop annual events for both schools.”

Vijay Chitnis, Director of Development at Cedar stated “No matter how compelling the cause, fundraising is always a challenge. Our approach has been to deepen cooperation between the two schools, reach out to a wider audience, whilst taking a fresh, fun approach. Event organiser Navanchor Ltd. was enlisted to help make this event a success, and professional auctioneer Justin Swisher brought a level of entertainment and fun to raising money.”

“We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all who supported the event. The table sponsors, donors, auction bidders, organisers, and of course Peter Island Resort for all the assistance and support they provided.’

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