Cedar International School and Ciboney Centre for Excellence joined forces last weekend in a unique partnership to raise funds to assist students in Virgin Gorda. Both schools run scholarship programs to assist deserving and talented students who need financial assistance with tuition fees.

Facilitated by CocoMaya Restaurant, a supreme Tasting Menu was offered to ticketed patrons, which proved to be very popular. Organisers had to turn away would be diners from the sold out event, and in excess of $20,000 was raised in order that children from Virgin Gorda may benefit from scholarships at either of these two schools.

Aaron Seddon, owner of CocoMaya and the Dove Restaurant who has children attending both schools, stated; “It made sense to do what we can to serve both school communities with a common purpose. The Tasting Dinner is our way of giving back and to help open up these chances of education to families in our community. Given the popularity of the event we are very keen to do it again to be able to continue to raise funds for this inspirational cause.”

Laura Fox and Scott Crawford, the Heads of Ciboney and Cedar respectively, stated ’Financial aid and scholarship applications have increased dramatically since Irma, yet only a small proportion are currently funded through sponsorships. Our goal is to raise funds to ensure that the opportunity of empowerment through education exists for deserving students throughout the BVI.’

’There are so many talented and deserving students across the BVI. We hope we can continue to build scholarships for these children and will be able to do so with the help of the wider community. In today’s climate it is perhaps more important than ever that opportunity should exist for those who seek it.’ added Mark Forte, Chair of Cedar’s Board of Trustees

‘The organisers extend their thanks to Proudly African who provided drinks for the evening, Speedys and Romasco Group for providing transfers between Tortola and VG, Debbie Ridgway and the staff of CocoMaya for their tireless efforts, and to all who supported the event,

Both Cedar and Ciboney hope that partnerships such as these can continue to grow in order to facilitate and assist with scholarships for all kids in the BVI.

Press contact: justin.moul@cedar.vg

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