Last Thursday, 29th November, the International Arbitration Centre was the venue for a unique collaborative art exhibition and champagne tasting, featuring a wide variety of works from students and established BVI artists.

The aims of the event were to showcase the talent in the community, to provide a prestigious platform for aspiring students to exhibit alongside established artists, and to deepen dialogue and collaboration between the participating educational establishments, namely H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Cedar International School and Elmore Stoutt High School.

Organisers stated that they hoped it would be the beginning of a long standing and evolving partnership between the institutions in support of the BVI’s young budding artists in their respective institutional art programs.

Both the professional and student artists enjoyed the collaborative aspect of the event, with students relishing the opportunity to exhibit and gain valuable experience and guidance, while professionals enjoyed an additional platform to showcase their work and be part of guiding and encouraging the next generation of artists in the Territory. David Turnbull, an established and respected BVI artist noted that he loved the idea of exhibiting with the students, and wished that he had similar opportunities when he was their age.

Richard Georges, Director of Institutional Advancement at HLSCC remarked ‘I was indeed pleased to see this cross-section of the community, this diverse group of supporters here to encourage our young people in pursuit of their visual arts. I am certain that, aside from the funds raised, there will be much more to come from these students and this new and exciting relationship being struck between Cedar, ESHS, and HLSCC.’

Vanessa King, a member of Cedar’s Board of Trustees who attended the event noted ‘I was very impressed with the students’ artwork and thought it was a great opportunity to expose them to the art world and to build their confidence.’ adding ‘I can only see it getting better in coming years.’

The organisers would like to thank Conyers Dill & Pearman, the International Arbitration Centre and TICO for their generous support, as well as all the businesses who kindly donated raffle prizes. Together they helped raise over $2000 to be distributed between the three art departments.

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