The Elective Showcase marks the culmination of last term’s Elective Programme in which students engage in co-curricular courses in a wide variety of subject areas, from Culinary Arts to stop-motion Animation. The video below tracks the rapid progress of the Steel Pan Band from the first tentative steps, through to growing confidence and accomplishment. Elective courses are multi-age and meet for two hours per week, allowing students to pursue a wide variety of personal interests through engaging courses.

Course offerings vary from term to term but generally include athletic offerings, such as Tennis and Squash, Ultimate Frisbee, Netball, and Yoga. Arts options include Steel Pan, Vocal Coaching, Dance, Creative Writing, and Visual Art. Other options have included Culinary Arts, Debate, Stop-Motion Animation, and more.

These courses bring depth and balance to the secondary curriculum, and offer unique and often memorable experiences. For example, the Culinary Arts elective culminated in the students producing a three course meal at Brandywine Estate Restaurant for paying members of the public!

The students collaborated to create an excellent Elective Showcase website which exhibits some of the fantastic experiential learning and showcases the skills that they developed in their various term two elective classes. We hope you will take a moment to browse and celebrate their accomplishments.